Winter storage

To get your ship safely through the winter, you have the option of storing your yacht in an outdoor warehouse with an area of 10,000 m². Alternatively, you can also use one of our winter storage halls.

Technical basics are:

  • 220 outdoor winter storage spaces on an area of 10,000 m², completely paved, fenced, electricity (220V / 380V), water and toilet.
  • We leave wide aisles between the yachts so that your ship can be slipped on your desired date. You can also drive your car directly to your boat for loading and unloading.
  • Approx. 180 indoor storage spaces on 7500 m², unheated, electricity (220V), water, toilet
  • Winter water berths
Our own transport and bearing block system guarantees safe transport to the winter storage. You can of course also use your own trailer.

Contact Person: Mr. Gürke - 04343 / 4211-0